Enrichment programs

Artspart offers  Enrichment Programs held locally within your community's schools, recreation center, and church. Artspart programs build art knowledge, artistic techniques, fine motor skills, language, cognitive skills and confidence.


Mission and goals

 Ultimately, Artspart intends to help change the future of “at risk” children by creating an environment that encourages them to use their creative energy.  In doing so, the children can experience success and develop a positive attitude about themselves, their education, families and community through participation in the arts. 


  • To develop their art skills
  • To improve their social behavior and social skills
  • To improve their academic performance and commitment to  school
  • To provide them with opportunities to perform and exhibit their art
  • To provide an afterschool safe haven
  • To foster a sense of community
  • Gain more understanding of Art instruction and how to approach topics in different ways

  • Supports student learning and empowers students to achieve success

  • Gain awareness and participation in community service

  • Provides more empathy for students and compassion toward learning and teaching

  • Encourages higher levels of thinking and to think outside of the box


  • Extra time for instruction and structured exploration give students satisfactory opportunities for self-expression or development of their abilities in one or more art forms

  •  Enables these young people to develop the motivation, skills and discipline necessary to make meaningful contributions to solo or group projects.
  • They learn about the importance of high standards of achievement for themselves and others

  • They experience what it means to maintain focus and how sustained practice can lead to higher levels of proficiency

  • Develops problem solving and critical thinking skills 

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